Engineering Center Bobingen

Shorter lead times, better results, lower costs

Standard tools and processes have strict limitations. In order to machine modern materials with due diligence but at the same time faster, more precisely and with less processing steps, you will need material-optimised tools and processes.

To approach this task from all possible angles, we have created our very own centre of competency: our “Engineering Center” in Bobingen.  Not only have we brought together our top-quality engineering tools, instruments and our experienced specialists, but also a number of machine tools where we are able to reproduce, analyse and optimise the parameters of the processes used by our customers.  The aim: Shorter lead times, better results, lower costs.

Three steps towards optimised tools and processes

Your processing raised to a new level by using a tried-and-tested engineering process.

  • Analysis
    With state-of-the-art camera systems and instruments we analyse processes and results, record strengths and weaknesses of all components/settings involved.
  • Optimisation
    Based on your requirements our specialists eradicate weak points in processes, settings and tools and demonstrate tangible improvements.
  • Implementation
    Where required, we develop new tools and run in the optimised process with all parameters – first at our “Engineering Center” and subsequently, together with your staff, at your site.  This will guarantee the best possible training and implementation.

In short: Wherever cutting is required, our engineering makes the difference.  We will help you to demonstrably gain a competitive edge by using optimised processes.

Do give us a call and get to know our specialists and this successful way of working straight away.