Processing of materials for the aerospace sector

Highest productivity in milling and drilling of structural components

Low fuel consumption is a top priority in aviation, which means that lightweight construction methods are becoming increasingly important in this industry. In addition to traditional materials, engineers in aircraft construction are therefore increasingly using composite materials. For many years Hufschmied has been developing innovative solutions especially for machining in aerospace engineering. This expertise leads to a process-optimized machining of components, which also meets the complex requirements in aviation such as highest surface quality and exact dimensional accuracy.

Milling cutters and drills for the manufacturing of aeroplane components. Leading suppliers to the aerospace industry rely on high-performance tools by HUFSCHMIED.  Our Fiber-Line provides shank tools and drills that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of materials used in lightweight construction, such as glass fibre and carbon fibre, as well as pure CFRP and GFRP.  These tools do not necessarily have to be used on CNC machines. The Fiber-Line drills can also be used with hand-guided machinery.

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  • Processing aeroplane interiors

    For processing tasks associated with the interiors of aeroplanes, HUFSCHMIED can offer special HSC (high-speed cutting) milling cutters from its range.  These material-specific machining tools from the Sharp-Line are ideally suited to produce a mirror finish, but can also process soft plastics or soft aluminium on high-revolution processing centres.

  • Processing CFRP and GFRP components

    When manufacturing the wings and fuselage of aeroplanes, lightweight materials such as aluminium, lithium/aluminium alloys and fibre composites like CFRP and glass fibre-reinforced aluminium are being used.

    Material-optimised tools by HUFSCHMIED excel in service life and cutting behaviour in respect to the manufacturing process of these components.  As early as 2013, HUFSCHMIED Zerspanungssysteme GmbH has won the Benchmark Test of the Technical University Vienna for the best overall result when machining CFRP.


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