Milling and drilling for the automotive industry

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in the automotive industry: small, efficient and light is the mantra for components for cars, HGVs and motorbikes. That calls for ever more complex materials to be used. Special tools are needed for the processing of these materials.

As with the development of motor vehicles, the manufacturing of components for the automotive industry is driven by the same principles of utmost efficiency.  This competitive situation demands high production speeds at a consistently high quality and at the lowest possible cost.

HUFSCHMIED provides high-end machining tools, perfectly fulfilling these requirements.  The high feed rates and the long service life of our milling cutters and drills significantly optimise the production of engineered components in the automotive sector.

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  • Processing of airbags

    HUFSCHMIED has developed carbide and ceramics cutting blades for the safe and precise processing of airbag systems.  They offer top precision and safety when cutting plastics skins, especially when dealing with invisible seams.

    Mass-produced steel blades made from spring steel do not meet these requirements.  Even though they are inexpensive, their cutting is highly inaccurate.  By contrast, Power Blades by HUFSCHMIED increase process stability and meet 100% of the safety requirements of the automotive industry.  Furthermore, the possibility of customised labelling of our carbide (VHM) blades ensures complete traceability.

    The service life of HUFSCHMIED blades is 10- to 20-times higher than mass-produced steel blades.  This makes our precision tools the more cost-effective solution in the medium term. The use of carbide brings about an extremely high service life combined with the highest cutting quality. Due to long cycle times, airbag blanks can be manufactured in near continuous series production.

  • Milling of chassis parts

    For the exact processing of chassis parts in the automotive industry, HUFSCHMIED has a material-optimised carbide milling cutter within its range.  Drilling and milling tools of the Fiber-Line provide perfect results in roughing and finishing of CRP.  They guarantee perfect edge qualities, not requiring any post-processing.

    As early as 2013, HUFSCHMIED already won an award in the Benchmark-Test of the Technical University Vienna for the overall results in the machining of CRP

  • Processing of vehicle interiors

    HUFSCHMIED provides special HSC (high-speed cutting) milling cutters within its range for use in the interior of vehicles.  These material-specific milling tools from the Sharp-Line range are ideally suited to achieve a mirror finish as well as the processing of soft plastics or soft aluminium in high-revolution machining centres.


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