Drilling and milling for specific applications

Machining tools for a wide range of sectors

HUFSCHMIED develops milling cutters, drills and other machining tools that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of specific sectors and Hufschmied manufactures them at its own production site in Germany. Some processing tasks, however, are not tied to one specific sector – they are defined by the material or materials that need processing.

HUFSCHMIED provides the suitable tool here, too – regardless of the sector in which it will be used.  Our solutions for perfect machining are as specific as the requirements of our customers.

From the advertising industry to trade fair construction and aerospace: Even for highly specialised manufacturers from unusual production branches, we provide suitable milling cutters and drills.  In our test centre, we are able to develop the right machining tool for the job directly on the workpieces supplied by our customers.  In the course of this, we meticulously address the characteristics of the material in question and work towards a perfect implementation of the customer’s requirements.

Our technical consulting department will also support you in the optimisation of your production sequences.  The focus herein lies in the sustained increase of your productivity.

Are you looking for machining tools for extraordinary products? Feel free to get in contact with us! We are looking forward to your enquiry.

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