Tool Making & Mold Making

A tool concept for top quality

Process-optimised tools by Hufschmied promise up to 30% savings in processing time. Thus, these material-optimised tools achieve a quality without the need for post-processing, combined with a service life increase of up to 25%. Many renowned companies in tool making and mold making increase their productivity and their manufacturing quality with tools made by Hufschmied, simultaneously lowering their processing costs.

In tool and mold making, materials such as hardened steel are used. The efficient production requires special milling cutters.

The efficiency and quality requirements in tool and mould making are constantly increasing.

Hufschmied is THE German all-round service provider for the machining of the most important materials in tool and mould making. Through intelligent process control, high-precision production with 100% end-measured tools and patented cutting edge geometries, machining times can be reduced by up to 50%. Special cutting edge geometries and hardened metals ensure short machining cycles with long tool lives and allow the series production of smooth and burr-free components.

The right tool for every machining task, with our specialized product lines

– Graphite Line

– Hard-Line

– Proto-Line

– Copper Line


Through continuous communication with universities and intensive tool development, Hufschmied creates the basis for first-class precision tools.

Hufschmied offers milling tools optimized for graphite. They provide roughing and finishing in one step.

However, the actual machining is challenging.  Molds made from highly-abrasive graphite are becoming increasingly smaller and intricate in many sectors.  This in turn increases demands on the tool in use and even the smallest of tolerances have to be guaranteed here.  The demand for a high surface quality often can only be met by a high-quality and high-performance tool coating.

The configuration of substrate, geometry and coating are essential for the productivity and operational performance of the tool.  Our Graftor® is equipped with a Hufschmied-patented nano-crystalline DIP® diamond coating for the cost-effective machining of graphite – each geometry has been optimised for graphite as a material.

The "Grafor" by Hufschmied is a common milling cutter when it comes to tool making.

Performance and benefits of the Graftor®:

  • Special tip geometry allows for extremely high feed rates with excellent surface qualities
  • Very low cutting forces – allows the manufacturing of intricate pins and bars without the risk of breakages
  • Only one single tool necessary – roughing and smoothing in one step – no changing of tools
  • Nano-crystalline DIP® diamond coating results in supreme service life

Time-saving in perfection – cost-efficient processing of block material

Block material of varying density is used as a material for mould-making.  This form‑stable material provides every possibility for the construction of master patterns, design-, styling- and cubing-models, as well as various moulds, foundry tools, core boxes and gauges.  Previously, you had to program up to seven different steps in order to produce a complex mould.  There were also different tools necessary for roughing, smoothing and the processing of residual material.  With the new BlockBuster you will now only need one single tool. Only low cutting forces are necessary to cut this material, even for complex 3D structures and thin-walled bars can be machined in a workpiece. The actual machining is challenging, the moulds can have very deep cavities with a lot of material to be removed.  One of the biggest challenges of the sector is the increase of productivity and the reduction of machine hours per component – all with the highest demands on quality, obviously.  This in turn increases the requirements for the tool in use, and tight tolerances have to be guaranteed, too.


The configuration of substrate and geometry is essential for the productivity and operational performance of the tool.  Our new BlockBuster is designed for the cost-effective machining of all types of sheet materials. Each geometry has been optimised for block material.


Tool making: High-performance tools for hardened steel up to 72 HRC

Hard-milling also plays an increasingly important role in tool making and mold making, offering a huge potential to complement process chains and to fully replace certain processing steps.  However, the machining of ultra-hard special materials depends heavily on the tools in use.

Accuracy and surface quality are particularly important in tool making and mold making. Especially when it comes to the cutting of narrow and deep contours and cavities, the demands on the milling tool are high.

Hardened steel such as used in tool making places high demands on milling cutters.

Tool Making requires the use of hard steels. For the machining of these materials, HUFSCHMIED provides tools from its Hard‑Line range.  These drills and milling cutters are available in diameters ranging from 0.5 mm for miniature ball and torus cutters up to 20 mm diameters for the large multi-blade cutters for the manufacturing of cutting tools.

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