Milling models from polymer block material

Industrial models, prototype models, trade show models, automotive models or functional models: With machining tools from HUFSCHMIED, almost all materials used in model-making are machinable.

In the construction of industrial master patterns, different materials are put to use. In addition to the tried-and-tested aluminium, engineers increasingly use block materials for the creation of master patterns.

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  • Processing block materials for model-making

    There is a range of block materials available for the making of master patterns, with Ureol® being a particularly popular choice.  Engineers working in mould- and fixture-making also favour this material.

    In particular, good machinability concurrent with low dust formation and lack of distortion make this material applicable for model-making. The repairing or post-processing of imperfections and the possibility to join different blocks together with adhesive is also easily achieved.  For best results when milling Ureol®, high-performance tools by HUFSCHMIED provide torus cutters and radius cutters from its Proto-Line.

  • Processing aluminium for prototypes and model-making

    HUFSCHMIED provides process-optimised tools for the high requirements of the processing of aluminium for prototypes and model construction.