Graphite has gained in importance as a raw material particularly in the manufacturing of electrodes.  For tool- and mould construction, graphite electrodes have become indispensable.  Graphite is also used successfully in mechanical engineering and medical engineering.

  • Graphite in general

    Milling graphite

    Hufschmied has developed the Graphite Line especially for the processing of graphite materials and green ceramics. Due to the patented cutting edge geometry, it is possible to produce graphite electrodes with significantly fewer tools and in half the time. The service life of the Graftor® tools is up to three times longer than that of commercially available standard geometries.

    The full potential of this high-performance tool is revealed when the available cutting edge length is fully utilized. This generates metal cutting volumes that are more than twice as high as with the double-edged tools currently available on the market. This can massively reduce processing times – up to 50% faster for the completed electrode.

    Even delicate geometries can be produced with very high feed rates, as almost no cutting pressure is built up due to the change between roughing and finishing cutting edges.

    No graphite or ceramic dust that sticks to the surface structure of the diamond coating – thanks to our in-house nanocrystalline diamond coatings DIP® and DIP®3S – for the highest surface qualities.

    Thanks to our proprietary nanocrystalline diamond coatings DIP® and DIP®3S – designed for the highest surface qualities, adhesion of graphite or ceramic dust to the surface structure of the diamond coating is a thing of the past.

    • Time Saving Concept 1

      In Time Saving Concept 1, our Graftor tool is deployed – a tool that can be used for both roughing and smoothing.  By using the Graftor tool geometry, the processing time of a graphite electrode can be decreased by up to 50%.

      Furthermore, a multitude of different tools can be replaced by one single tool.  This will save on the number of machine stations at the machine.  Programming effort is also reduced, since a smaller number of tool measurements is necessary for the manufacturing of the electrode.


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    • Time Saving Concept 2

      Time Saving Concept 2 has been designed for older machines where two different tools for roughing and smoothing are used: a graphite roughing cutter with WD tooth arrangement and the three-flute Piranha smoothing cutter for high quality surfaces.

      Time Saving Concept 2 can save you up to 30% of your processing time.  The service life of all our tools for graphite machining is significantly increased due to our patented DIP diamond coating.

      For small and intricate geometries, HUFSCHMIED offers mini milling cutters from a blade diameter of 0.2 mm in different projection lengths.


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Technical Consulting for the machining of graphite

Increase your productivity when milling and drilling graphite

In order to increase the productivity of your company, we can support you with technical advice for the milling and drilling of graphite. We can analyse the requirements of your company and develop tailored technical solutions for you. With our expertise and the options available at our HUFSCHMIED engineering centre, we can optimise your manufacturing processes.

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