Efficient milling of block material with the BlockBuster by HUFSCHMIED

Milling Without Changing Tools

Roughing and Finishing Without Changing Tools

With the newly-developed BlockBuster tool range, Hufschmied is showcasing tools excelling in low cutting forces and decreased thermic stress.  Both characteristics favour the very cost-effective milling of all manners of sheet materials in model-making.  Roughing and smoothing can be achieved without the need to change tools and is achieved in one single processing step.  For the machining of plastics block material, BlockBuster is available with large diameters of up to 25 mm and lengths of up to 300 mm.

Die Hufschmied-BlockBuster-Tools mit einem Durchmesserbereich von D1 = 2 mm bis D1 = 25 mm

Hufschmied BlockBuster tools with a diameter range of D1 = 2 mm to D1 = 25 mm

Block material of varying density is being used for model-making.  This dimensionally stable material provides the full range of options for making master patterns, design-, styling- and cubing-models, as well as various moulds, foundry tools, core boxes and gauges.

Until now, you had to program up to seven steps in order to produce a complex shape and for that, different tools were needed for roughing, smoothing and residual stock machining.

With the arrival of the new BlockBuster, you will now only need one single tool. For the machining of the material, low cutting forces are required, even when milling complex 3D structures and thin bars in a workpiece.  This machining is a demanding task, with parts of the moulds having very deep cavities where a lot of material has to be removed.  One of the biggest challenges of the sector is the increase of productivity and the reduction of machining time per component – obviously along with the highest of quality requirements.  This in turn increases the demands on the applied tool and tolerances here have to be guaranteed.

The technical configuration of substrate and geometry are decisive factors in the productivity and the performance of the tool.  Our new BlockBuster has been designed for cost-effective chip removal in all sheet materials.  Every geometry has been optimised for block material.

The performance and advantages of the new BlockBuster:

  • Diameter range D1 = 2 mm to D1 = 25 mm
  • Special tip geometry makes it possible to achieve a 10x higher feed rate in roughing, at maximum plunging depth
  • Very low cutting forces mean that bars are not blown out or pulled out
  • Roughing and smoothing without changing tools and in one single processing step; pre-finishing no longer required
  • An 18 mm finishing allowance is possible
  • Excellent chip structure, since thermic stress is massively reduced

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Technisches Datenblatt zum BlockBuster

Technical data sheet for the BlockBuster