Roughing and finishing of graphite with the Graftor® by HUFSCHMIED

Milling graphite without changing tools

As a new tool for the processing of graphite, HUFSCHMIED has introduced the Graftor® into its range.  It makes tool changes redundant when processing graphite electrodes: Roughing and finishing are achieved in one single processing step whilst exerting only a low cutting force on the often extremely delicate pins of the electrodes.  Thus, manufacturing time and expense are massively reduced. As with all of Hufschmied’s graphite milling cutters, Graftor® is equipped with a patented nano-crystalline diamond coating.  This means that even the smallest of milling tools remain sharp against the abrasive graphite and achieve surface qualities that are up to two grades higher.

Perfect Roughing and Smoothing in One Single Processing Step

Graphite is the ideal material for the manufacturing of electrodes.  In sink erosion, this heat-resistant and dimensionally stable material achieves a long service life.

Only low cutting forces are necessary to process this brittle material and to achieve even complex 3D structures within the workpiece.

However, processing can be very demanding: Moulds made from highly abrasive graphite are increasingly becoming smaller and more delicate in many sectors.  This increases requirements for the applied tool.  Even the smallest of tolerances have to be guaranteed here; the demands on the surface quality are so high that often only a qualitatively high and efficient tool coating can fulfil them.

The interpretation of substrate, geometry and coating are decisive factors for the productivity and performance of the tool.  For the cost-effective processing of graphite, our new Graftor® is equipped with a DIP® nano-crystalline diamond coating, patented by HUFSCHMIED. All geometries have been optimised for graphite material.

Der Graftor ermöglicht eine wesentliche effizientere Herstellung von Graphitelektroden.

The Graftor® by HUFSCHMIED makes it possible to achieve very delicate 3D structures in highly abrasive graphite.

Performance and Advantages of the new Graftor®:

  • Diameter range D1 = 1 mm to D1 = 12 mm
  • Special tip geometry facilitates extremely high feed rates concurrent with very good surface qualities
  • A very low cutting force makes the manufacturing of delicate pins and bars possible without breakages
  • Only one tool necessary: roughing and smoothing with the same tool in one single processing step
  • Nano-crystalline diamond coating results in an extremely high service life